Ghosting The Party World Champion Embroidered Patch

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Ghosting the party is a time honored tradition of introverts. My first success at ghosting a social function was around 2010. I felt kinda like a jerk, but then I told myself, "It's rude of everyone else to expect me to say bye to the entire venue like I was running for Miss America." Honestly, with these dark nipples, I would never win the pageant anyways. So, 9 years later, the streak is still alive. You know you mastered the technique when 4 hours after you left you get a text from a friend saying, "Hey, where'd you go?" Little did they know, you have been ripe in your pajamas for 3 hours with pizza in hand ready to watch a 7th episode of Seinfeld. But be warned, once the homies are aware that you are pro-party-ghoster and they notice that yearning for escape in your eyes, they will observe you like a husky teenager gazes at a Hot Pocket spinning in the microwave. The downside is if Deebo is snatching your chain that your grandma gave you and knocks you out cold on the restroom floor, people will not look for you. They'll just assume you left like your father did when he ran out of Marlboros.

SIDE NOTE: Always say bye to the host or hostess if it's a house party. 

Ghosting The Party World Champion Embroidered Patch. This patch measures 3.80". 

We use HeatNBond Ultrabond iron-on backing, but we advise our customers to use the iron-on backing at their own discretion and cannot guarantee that it will stick to all fabrics. Please make sure material is prewashed with no fabric softner prior to ironing on patch. have We recommend sewing the patch on for best results.