Hi, I'm Caleb. I like french fries.

I worked an office job in the home mortgage industry for over 10 years. It was a simple job that paid well, but I was beginning to feel like another Jack in the Jack In The Box. Also, it was mad soul stealing staring at a computer screen for 8-10 hours day. We'll revisit this later...

A grew up as a military brat and always admired the different patches on the uniforms of the service men and women. Though I would like y'all to think that my pursuit of an embroidery business was entirely because I had this majestic admiration for military patches...

*queue me staring into the sun, wearing aviator shades while jets soaring with red, white and blue smoke scar the early afternoon sky*

...I'll keep it mega real with y'all. I was dating a girl and she was into sewing. So me being a simp and trying to impress her, I bought a sewing machine. "HeEY lOok I'm iNto sEwinG too." Unknown to me at the time, this sewing machine also had an embroidery feature. Me and the girl broke up shortly after. 

*queue me staring into the sun, single tear rolling down my cheek while pigeons fight over loose bread in front of me*

The sewing machine sat in a closet for about a year. Looking to purge my place and sell some things on Craigslist, I came across the sewing machine. "Fuck yeah, I could sell this for like 100 kaboodles." Investigating the machine closer, I saw the words "Embroidery and Sewing" etched on the side....ohhhh embroidery, what is this sorcery we have here?!?! To make this long story short: I YouTube'd "How to make patches", I learned how to work the machine, I put some patches online for sale, they sold, selling patches was a fulfilling side hustle, I was still at my boring ass office job.

Fast forward to May 2019. I got laid off from my comfy office job. Instead of crying into a bowl of cereal while Usher's "You Got It Bad" played in the background, I took this as a sign that I should turn my patch side hustle into a full time gig. So, I gathered up all my savings, bought proper equipment and here I am living the Top Ramen fueled dream.

Love y'all and thank you for the support!