Custom Work

Yes, I would love to take on your custom project! I like to put everything on the table and be as transparent as possible with my clients so below are a few things to consider to get you prepped. You can contact me here for your custom order requests. Thanks!


In short, the process is as follows: You contact me for custom work. You provide me with the details and images to be embroidered. I work on a sample mock up. I send this sample to you for approval. Once approved, I'll draw up a custom order and email it to you. You pay for the order and I'll start work on your product(s) and then ship to you when finished. TADA!!


The most common misconception is that an embroider can just load an image into the embroidery machine and hit the go button. Many times I've gotten requests to "load my logo on the machine real quick and let me know how much." Before your project can be sent to the machine your image has to go through a process called "digitizing". Digitizing is the process in which an embroider traces your image while choosing options such as thread angle, thread fill type, thread pull compensation, length, overlap, spacing and many other options to take into consideration. The time to digitize varies from project to project. It could take minutes or hours; it depends on the complexity and size of your design. The source material is also a factor; the better quality the original source image is the better. The difference between a mediocre embroidery job and and an amazing embroidery job all starts at the digitizing. All custom projects are charged a one-time digitizing fee. The fee is based on a $25 per hour charge. Below is a short video on digitizing for your reference.



In short, I usually don't take custom orders using customer supplied garments. If I choose to take on a project using customer supplied garments, a mandatory waiver needs to be signed in case there is an error while working on your order. I'm In Stitches wrote an excellent article on the topic that could be read here.


Each custom patch job differs so pricing varies from project to project. I take into consideration the complexity of the design, number of thread colors, stitch count, how long each piece takes to complete and how many pieces are in your order. 

My pricing for embroidered hats, sweaters, shirts, backpacks, alpacas, chumbawambas and other garments vary on how much I could source the items for. Direct to garment embroidery prices vary so please contact me here for those quotes.