California Burrito License Plate, Mexican Food Embroidered Patch

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I moved to San Diego in 1998 in 10th grade from Yokosuka, Japan and prior to that The SF Bay Area. Both regions not thought of as Mexican food meccas, but hey we had clam chowder in sourdough bowls and the Nagano Winter Olympics so who am I to complain. In 11th grade, I had a soft mustache, Old Navy performance fleece vest, the latest Ja Rule CD and a growing relationship with Marlboro Menthol lights. I figure the time was near that I would have to fund my mustache maintenance supplies so I hit the workforce like an abusive father. I got hired at a place called NDC (National Dispatch Center). It was a call center receiving messages for alphanumeric pagers. Yes, pagers, the cassette tape version of the cell phone. I soon became friends with my co-worker Chris. He was a cool guy with a cool Honda hatchback with a cool muffler. He was a few years older than me and could buy me cigarettes so we'd venture out on 15 minute liquor store breaks. On one of these breaks he said "Hey, you wanna get a burrito?". "BURRITO?" I said "We're on a 15 minute break." looking at him like he just kicked a toddler for no reason. You see, in Japan and SF, we just don't purchase off-the-cuff burritos. Mexican food was like a treat, a family affair that I would wear cufflinks to, an event you must give fair warning for. But I was young and I didn't want to look like a bitch so off to Roberto's (now renamed Cali's and Fries) we went. Chris ordered first and I just went with the flow cause I didn't know what the hell I was doing. I was a rookie, a greenhorn, a poser with a poser mustache. "California Burrito!!" I confidently told the handsome, dark skinned hombre at the counter. That first bite...WHAT!!?? was like when Neo got unplugged from The Matrix and woke up in his metal womb and took his first real breath...then I took a fat shit and quit that job 4 months later

California Burrito License Plate, Mexican Food Embroidered Patch. This patch measures 3.90" X 2.00".

We use HeatNBond Ultrabond iron-on backing, but we advise our customers to use the iron-on backing at their own discretion and cannot guarantee that it will stick to all fabrics. Please make sure material is prewashed with no fabric softner prior to ironing on patch. have We recommend sewing the patch on for best results.