Hillcrest Gateway Sign, San Diego, California Embroidered Patch

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I was 19 years old, had about 400 dollars from selling my burnt CD album, just moved out of my Mom's place and started renting a room in North Park. This room contained a 13 inch TV/VCR combo with 70s porn tape leftover from previous owner, two blankets and a pillow (no bed), one FUBU hoodie that said "Dirty South" across the chest, a pair of Fat Albert jeans, a handful of durags and a set of 2001 Kobe Bryant Adidas. In need of some income, I responded to an ad in The Reader for a call center job opportunity located in Hillcrest. It was for a small company that installed trackers for SDPD's bait car program. My shift was from 11p-7am. I was a professional tattle teller for $10 an hour. This was the start of my adulthood. Side note: my Mom and I have the same looking thumb

Hillcrest Gateway Sign, San Diego, California Embroidered Patch. This patch measures 7.60" X 1.20". 

We use HeatNBond Ultrabond iron-on backing, but we advise our customers to use the iron-on backing at their own discretion and cannot guarantee that it will stick to all fabrics. We recommend sewing the patch on for best results.