Killa Lisa, Lisa Simpson, Camron in Pink, Dipset Embroidered Patch

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I was always partial to Lisa growing up cause I was a bit nerdy, read a lot, studied music, was the younger sibling and didn't have much friends. Plus I always wanted an old black jazz homey with gingivitis. The hat and coat feels softer than one thousand adolescent mustaches. Makes you want to graze your hand through it like Maximus walking through the wheat field to meet his family. It reminds you of your friend's older sister in 2003 with the Baby Phat velour tracksuit. She worked at the mall and got all the dope discounts. 

Killa Lisa, Lisa Simpson, Camron in Pink, Dipset Large Embroidered Patch. This patch measures 3.90" X 2.56".

We use HeatNBond Ultrabond iron-on backing, but we advise our customers to use the iron-on backing at their own discretion and cannot guarantee that it will stick to all fabrics. Please make sure material is prewashed with no fabric softner prior to ironing on patch. have We recommend sewing the patch on for best results.