LSD Acid San Diego Padres Embroidered Beanie

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In the year 2000 I was in 11th grade and living in the picturesque San Diego suburb of Tierrasanta. My friend Paul (later nicknamed "Awesome Paul") was the first person to offer me acid. Our mutual friend's parents went on vacation and left their 17 year old daughter home alone with a credit card...and me, Awesome Paul and about a hundred of our peers met at this coordinance for some rambunctiousness. This residence had a game room, a Dodge Viper, a swimming pool and a thing called a pantry where white people keep their snackz in. Let me give y'all some perspective. Through the mid 80's to mid 90's, I was raised between The Bay Area cities of Richmond, Hayward, San Francisco and Daly City. I very much lived the city, hood (especially Richmond), apartment complex type life. We took the bus and BART train often, risked getting jumped by local gangs/dopefiends and wore du-rags for fashion. Your own bedroom? Nah. Pantry snacks? Nah. I was used to sleeping on a bamboo roll out mat with multiple people to a room, hiding liquor store snacks and chewing with my head turned, mouth to my shoulder so nobody notices I had procured delicious vittles. My neighborhood was mainly Black, Hispanic and Asian with a peppering of Whites who were city folk like the rest of us. Fast forward back to the year 2000. My Mom got stationed in San Diego and I was summoned to make the journey to SoCal. We still lived in an apartment, but this time it was different. I had my own room and lived in a neighborhood where people felt comfortable jogging at 10pm and attended PTA meetings. The biggest change: the white population was the majority. I had nothing against my white brothers and sisters, I just never grew up around them in this capacity and didn't really understand their culture. It took me a year to get comfortable with the suburban lifestyle, but after awhile, I made great friends, was listening to Incubus and doing keg stands at ditch parties. And now I was being offered LSD by my good friend Awesome Paul at an American Pie style house party. Yes Paul, I will have a tab of your acid. I love you, man. 

LSD Acid San Diego Padres Embroidered Beanie