SpongeBob Ight Imma Head Out Meme Embroidered Patch

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Your Tinder date can't stop yapping about his fantasy football league? Your barber bumps his gums too much and doesn't even put the clippers to your head? Your Uncle Rico chats all day long about how if coach put him in that they would have took state and he would have went pro? Show them how interested you are with this patch. 

SpongeBob Ight Imma Head Out Meme Embroidered Patch. This patch measures 3.90" X 3.80"

We use HeatNBond Ultrabond iron-on backing, but we advise our customers to use the iron-on backing at their own discretion and cannot guarantee that it will stick to all fabrics. Please make sure material is prewashed with no fabric softner prior to ironing on patch. have We recommend sewing the patch on for best results.